September 24, 2020

So many men love wearing TravisMathew polos and shorts.  Why you ask? There are 4 common reasons:

1 - the style and design - they don't scream workout clothes or golf clothes.  You can wear them to the office, brunch, out with friends and on the golf course.  

2 - the fit - it's a trim cut but not too tight.  The armhole is higher and trimmer and as a result, it doesn't effect your golf game.  

3 - the length of the polo is on the longer side.  Men love this because they can tuck the shirts in or not.  They feel more comfortable knowing it won't creep up.

4 - the fabric - its light, breathable and comfortable.  It keeps you cool and you won't sweat a ton.  It's easy to care for and performs well.  

The polos range from $80 - $100 and the shorts and slacks are in the same range too.  Shop my store for some great looks!