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6 East Wool, Silk & Linen dress pant in Wildberry from Ballin. The fabric is an amazing blend, it is light weight, cool to the touch, breathable and a great summer blend.  

Fabric is made in Italy by Botto Giuseppe. The perfect summer blend that combines the performance of wool, the luxurious softness and lustre of silk and freshness of linen. Refined, fresh and super comfortable, the perfect and extremely versatile summer pant that is perfect for any occasion.
Model: 9900 Houston 
50% Wool 30% Silk 20% Linen blend 
Front 1/8 top pockets with pick stitch 
Back 3/8" welt pockets with "D" stitch 
3/8" Loops
On waistband watch pocket
Coin pocket inside right front pocket
Half front lining
Dress waistband with split back 

Rise: 9 3/4"
Knee: 18 1/2"
Bottom: 16"
Inseam: 38"
Measurements are based on size 34


The pants are not hemmed. I offer complimentary hemming.  Just let me know your inseam and give me 2 days to complete.