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Here is a great gift idea for the men and women in your life - a custom made shirt!

A custom shirt is all about picking fabric, buttons, collar, cuff, fit and style.  Sure buying off the rack is easy, however, it doesn't always fit or look how you like.  

Custom shirts from Q. Contrary  are a great gift because you don't have to do anything - just purchase the gift and Mary (owner of Q. Contrary) takes  care of the rest.  

She will mail you or the receiver this gift box with swatches and the gift card.  But more importantly, Mary will take the time to find the right fabric, look, style and fit of this shirt for them.  

Giving a custom shit from Q. Contrary ensures the best fabric from Europe, top of the line buttons and craftsmanship and fit to their frame.  

How this gift works:

1. The receiver makes an appointment with me (Mary - owner and tailor 602-301-6987 or Mary@QContrary.com) Appointments need to be made in her Phoenix Shop. 

2. They pick from over 400 fabrics and I help walk them through fabric qualities, advantages, thin vs heavy, stretch vs wrinkle free, etc).  I take time to learn what the client likes and doesn't like and we pick the best fabric for them.

3.  They select the collar, cuffs, buttons, monogram, pocket (or not), and more. 

4. Mary takes 20 measurements and makes a shirt that fits their frame and lifestyle.  

5.  The shirt is made here in America and will take 4 weeks to produce.  She will followup with the client/receiver when it's shipped and arrives.  A fitting will be scheduled and alterations (if needed) are complimentary.  

If you would like to personalize the gift, add comments in the comment section when placing the order.  

Thank you!

Please note the fabrics I send in the box are for show and fun and not the exact fabric the receiver has to pick from. Just a fun add.  I have men's and ladies fabric options because I have masculine fabrics and more feminine fabrics.  Pick either if you have a preference.  Thank you!!