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Here is a great gift idea for the men and women in your life - CUSTOM CLOTHING

Suits - Slacks - Jackets - Shirts - Skirts - Etc for MEN & WOMEN

Here is a link to my Instagram with many examples of clothes I've made for clients.  

Buying off the rack isn't always easy.  Doesn't fit, cheap quality,  not the right color and not exactly what you are looking for.  Having your clothes custom made by me, will solve those issues.  This is a great gift for something special and needs help finding clothes that fit and look right.  

Custom clothing (suits, shirts, slacks, skirts, and jackets) from Q. Contrary  are a great gift because you don't have to do anything - just purchase the gift card and Mary (owner of Q. Contrary) takes  care of the rest.  

She will mail you or the receiver this gift box with swatches and the gift card.  But more importantly, Mary will take the time to find the right fabric, look, style and fit for whatever clothing (suits, jackets, shirts, slacks, skirts, etc).   

Here are some special Holiday Gifts for you.....

Buy $200 gift card, get extra $25 for $225 value

Buy $500 gift card, get an extra $75 for $575 value

Buy $1000 gift card, get an extra $125 for $1125 value

Buy $1500 gift card, get an extra $250 for $1750 value

Buy $2000 gift card, get an extra $500 for $2500 value

How this gift works:

1. The gift receiver makes an appointment with me (Mary - owner and tailor 602-301-6987 or Appointments need to be made in her Phoenix Shop. 

2. They pick from variety of the world's finest fabrics (from Europe & Australia).

3.  We design a garment(s) that fits their frame and lifestyle.  Picking fabrics, trims, linings, pockets, etc. 

4. Mary takes over 30 measurements to ensure the proper fit for their frame.  

5.  The clothing will take about 4 weeks to produce.  She will followup with the client/receiver when it's shipped and arrives.  A fitting will be scheduled and alterations (if needed) are complimentary.  

If you would like to personalize the gift, add comments in the comment section when placing the order.  

Thank you!

Please note the fabrics I send in the box are for show and fun and not the exact fabric the receiver has to pick from. Just a fun add.  I have men's and ladies fabric options because I have masculine fabrics and more feminine fabrics.  Pick either if you have a preference.  Thank you!!